Anti-reflection Lens Coating

Any source of strong light from car headlights to sunshine can cause a distracting and frustrating glare for someone wearing glasses. With a Vanalstynes anti-reflection coating to your lenses, this eliminates the problem, allowing over 99% of light to pass directly through the lens without reflection of light from the surfaces. We offer a superb choice of anti-reflection coating services with FREE scratch resistance coating to protect the lens surface.

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Vanalstynes Anti-Reflection Lens Coating
optiMAR - Vanalstynes Optical Manufacturers


Applied over a hard coat,  our multi-layer anti-reflective coating with hydrophobic top coat gives excellent visual performance and durability.


  • Anti-reflection
  • Hard coat for scratch resistance
  • Hydrophobic layer to resist water & grease
optiCLEAR - Vanalstynes Optical Manufacturers


A premium anti-reflective coating that combines the benefits of optiMAR with the addition of ultra-smooth oleophobic properties. The conductive layer within the MAR coating eliminates electro static charges, minimising the attraction of dust particles. The combination of advanced coating layers rivals the best premium coatings in the market, giving a scratch resistance which is more than double than our standard MAR.


  • Anti-reflection
  • Hard coat scratch resistance
  • Hydrophobic layer to resist water & grease
  • Anti-static to repel dust
  • Advanced oleophobic (EMR) technology reduces smudges & fingerprints
optiMAR UV Plus - Vanalstynes Optical Manufacturers

optiMAR UV Plus

optiMAR UV gives excellent visual performance and durability with protection from front surface UV and back surface reflected UV with super hydrophobic and oleophobic properties.


  • Anti-reflection
  • Hard coat for scratch resistance
  • Hydrophobic layer to resist water & grease
  • Back UV protection
optiBLUE - Vanalstynes Optical Manufacturers


Designed specifically to provide added comfort and protection to users of digital devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops. By filtering out blue light from selected wavelengths, optiBLUE can give enhanced comfort and protection to the wearer when using digital devices. With excellent anti-reflection properties, optiBLUE helps give all round clear and sharp vision plus the hydrophobic and scratch resistance properties of our optiMAR coating. optiBLUE can be applied to all lens types supplied by Vanalstynes.

optiGO In Motion antireflective coating - Vanalstynes Optical Manufacturers

NEW – optiGO In Motion

Designed for everyday use and enhanced for low light and night time driving, optiGO In Motion minimises reflections and improves eye comfort in times of bad visibility. If the lenses are manufactured and supplied by Vanalstynes, optiGO In Motion comes with a no quibble two year guarantee against scratches caused by general day to day wear and tear.


  • Minimises reflections
  • Improved eye comfort in times of bad visibility
  • Great for day and night use
  • One pair does it all, no need to change
  • Available in progressive, bifocal and single vision lenses in all material indices
  • optiGO In Motion comes with a two year no quibble guarantee

All the coatings perform in the upper quartile for hardness and QUVT (accelerated weathering). The anti-reflection coatings have an average reflectance of 0.5% or 99.50% transmission over the visible spectrum.

All our lens coatings are supplied with a 2 year guarantee.

Email or call +44 (0) 1253 508555 to find out more about our anti-reflection lens coating service.