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Our Technology

About Mr Blue

At last, you will be able to appreciate high base curves from every angle and enjoy every day the extent of your freedom of action.

Since he traces all frames up to base 9 With a feeler tilted at 15°, you will be able to follow grooves with the sharpest curves.

Since, right from the centring step, he preserves all the visual comfort of the spectacles.

Equipped with an exclusive mode combining wearer data and frame parameters (base, curve angle, pantoscopic angle), he offers customised centring of curved lenses.

Mr Blue at vanalstynes

Since he has an exclusive advantage: the variable geometry bevel*

Bevel with fully customisable profile, to suit groove shape and the lens thickness. The opportunity to combine, for the first time, aesthetics and easy adjustment of curved frames.

In addition, his "analysis" of the lens geometry and the degree of inclination of all the tools guarantee optimum following of the most curved trajectories in all finishes (drilling, grooving, bevel).

Since he has a built-in milling cutter to cut the most complex lenses with a perfectly controlled result*.
• Hydrophobic lenses
• MHI lenses
• Highly curved lenses
*Respecting, obviously, your lens manufacturer's instructions.

Since he cuts MHI lenses with no unpleasant smell In addition, milling consumes no water and generates less dust and residue.

Since he is ready to take up new challenges

With a firm outlook towards the future, this scalable hybrid platform is designed to accept new machining possibilities and further expand the scope of your services in the future.

Since his drilling is safer and faster Accurate, requiring no prior operations, optical tracing will acquire shape
and drilling data in a single operation.

Associated with his new database, this function will make it easier for you to manage your shape and drilling libraries.

(*Essilor patent.)

Mr Blue



NIDEK AES-1500 Advanced Edging & Drilling Station

This fully-automated edging system has a “single robot/ single edger/single drill unit” design. This simplicity eliminates job tray ‘bottlenecking’, reduces downtime, provides easy access/easy maintenance, and increases overall workflow.

With patented technology and design simplicity, the AES-1500 offers industrial labs the perfect automated solution to increase efficiency and profits.

Features and Benefits

  • Nidek designed and manufactured robotic arm, with quality and durability built in.
  • Drilling and grooving functions operate independently of the grinding process for optimal processing speed
  • Simple design with “Closed Loop Stepping Motors” for easy maintenance and durability, and a true “24/7” industrial operation 
  • Simple Control Panel design is easy to use for quick robot-training 
  • Nidek designed robotic-interface allows for seamless interface with SE-9090 Express Edger for increased production of high quality lenses. 
  • VCA Compliant. Interfaces with any VCA compliant software. 


Nidek Robot


Other Features

  • First ever - robotic edging system featuring exclusive, fully-automatic 3D Drilling and 3D Grooving technology. 
  • Increased efficiency - utilizing 3-D CNC functions, while retaining incredible accuracy and the highest quality lens finish.
  • OLA Award of Excellence Winner - SE-9090 Express Industrial Edger.
  • Crystal Cut™ Polish - as well as a polish safety bevel function
  • Easy auto loading/unloading – available with ten tray stacker and conveyor belt.


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